Danish Salmon


Danish Salmon’s aquaculture facility is located in Hirtshals, Denmark. Through state of the art technology, Danish Salmon is rearing environmentally sustainable Atlantic Salmon of supreme quality and superior taste.
" Traceability is a key tool for ensuring sustainable aquaculture. Being able to trace the product enables consumers to make responsible choices, supporting their beliefs regarding sustainable aquaculture "


Danish Salmon is carrying out strict control with suppliers. Suppliers must meet high standards with regards to environmentally correct and sustainable activities. Suppliers must be able to show compliance through third-party evidence and operate a transparent business. This way, Danish Salmon can be assured that no environmental issues are handled carelessly by any of its suppliers.


Danish Salmon has a huge responsibility with regards to traceability. We control what comes in and what goes out. Activities at Danish Salmon which ensure our part in the total traceability and transparency scheme include: strict invoice system – making sure that input matches output, recording salmon-batches and their way through production, several fish counts, public available reports and much more.

Through the use of our own Smolt supply, we are furthermore minimizing risks for traceability issues. Having our own supply for grow-out allows for detailed monitoring, making sure that downstream partners are as informed as possible.


Processors, distributors, etc. are equipped with detailed information about the product, making sure that every shipment is traceable in all aspects of the product. This makes for a product life span that is fully transparent, and worthy of trust with regards to traceable and sustainable aquaculture. In the end customers are able to recognize and support this process, by relying on the brand that is Danish Salmon.

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Danish Salmon is collaborating with one of Denmark's most renown suppliers of seafood.