Danish Salmon

Sustainable Aquaculture

Danish Salmon’s aquaculture facility is located in Hirtshals, Denmark. Through state of the art technology, Danish Salmon is rearing environmentally sustainable Atlantic Salmon of supreme quality and superior taste.



Environmental impacts from aquaculture is currently beeing raised as a topic of serious concern. Danish Salmon wants to confront this concern by making sure that the future of salmon aquaculture is green! By employing our production methods and cleaning up after ourselves, we are preventing damages to our oceans and other surroundings.

Using a fully recirculated aquaculture system (RAS) enables us to recycle water resources. Moreover employing our methods enables us to remove solid waste from salmon production and safely dispose of this – actually making good use of it in other farming industries. As follows, Danish Salmon is avoiding exploitation of natural water resources. Moreover we are seeing to that no harm is being done to our seabeds – protecting our nature as a whole.



Salmon aquaculture has brought along major concerns with regards to the remaining wild salmon population. Danish Salmon is also confronting these concerns and taking threats against wild stock salmonids out of the equation. Farming Atlantic Salmon, on land, within a closed recirculated system (RAS), eliminates threats against wild life completely. No pathogens and disease transfer!

Spreading diseases into the wild is no longer a concern and affecting the life cycle of wild salmonids is off the table. Concerns about overfishing are also being dealt with in a responsible manner. Finally we can create a stable platform for the future of Atlantic Salmon aquaculture, and aquaculture in general.

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