Danish Salmon's aquaculture facility is located in Hirtshals, Denmark. Through state of the art technology, Danish Salmon is rearing environmentally sustainable Atlantic Salmon of supreme quality and superior taste.






" Danish Salmon has two objectives with regards to aquaculture. One is protecting our environment, the other is sustainable production of Atlantic Salmon  "




Environmental impacts from aquaculture is currently beeing raised as a topic of serious concern. Danish Salmon wants to confront this concern by making sure that the future of salmon aquaculture is green! By employing our production methods and cleaning up after ourselves, we are preventing damages to our oceans and other surroundings.

Using a fully recirculated aquaculture system enables us to recycle water resources. Moreover employing our methods enables us to remove solid waste from production and safely dispose of this – actually making good use of it in other farming industries. As follows, Danish Salmon is avoiding exploitation of natural water resources. Moreover we are seeing to that no harm is being done to our seabeds - protecting our nature as a whole.



Salmon aquaculture has brought along major concerns with regards to the remaining wild salmon population. Danish Salmon is also confronting these concerns and taking threats against wild stock salmonids out of the equation. Farming Atlantic Salmon, on land, within a closed recirculated system (RAS), eliminates threats against wild life completely. No pathogens and disease transfer!

Spreading diseases into the wild is no longer a concern and affecting the life cycle of wild salmonids is off the table. Concerns about overfishing are also being dealt with in a responsible manner. Finally we can create a stable platform for the future of Atlantic Salmon aquaculture, and aquaculture in general.





" Traceability is a key tool for ensuring sustainable aquaculture. Being able to trace the product enables consumers to make responsible choices, supporting their beliefs regarding sustainable aquaculture "



Danish Salmon is carrying out strict control with suppliers. Suppliers must meet high standards with regards to environmentally correct and sustainable activities. Suppliers must be able to show compliance through third-party evidence and operate a transparent business. This way, Danish Salmon can be assured that no environmental issues are handled carelessly by any of its suppliers.




Danish Salmon has a huge responsibility with regards to traceability. We control what comes in and what goes out. Activities at Danish Salmon which ensure our part in the total traceability and transparency scheme include: strict invoice system – making sure that input matches output, recording salmon-batches and their way through production, several fish counts, public available reports and much more.

Through the use of our own Smolt supply, we are furthermore minimizing risks for traceability issues. Having our own supply for grow-out allows for detailed monitoring, making sure that downstream partners are as informed as possible.




Processors, distributors, etc. are equipped with detailed information about the product, making sure that every shipment is traceable in all aspects of the product. This makes for a product life span that is fully transparent, and worthy of trust with regards to traceable and sustainable aquaculture. In the end customers are able to recognize and support this process, by relying on the brand that is Danish Salmon.


In total Danish Salmon not only makes sure that Atlantic Salmon aquaculture has a sustainable way of production. Danish Salmon also ensures that all stakeholders are able to support this way of production, by providing information about critical aspects of the supply chain.














" Our advanced technology allows us to protect the environment while also producing superior salmon quality. Experienced management and established collaborations allows us to supply fresh salmon all year round!"




At Danish Salmon we are operating a land-based and contained recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). The operation is based around cutting edge technology, within areas of water treatment, pump technology and aquaculture management pratices.

Our productions methods allows for a 99 % recirculation degree, raising the bar for sustainable salmon aquaculture to a new high.



Source: Monterey Bay, Seafood Watch




Land-based recirculated aquaculture allows for 100% controlled conditions. Add to this Danish Salmon's management expertise within land-based salmon aquaculture and the result is premium quality.
Salmon aquaculture in land-based systems enables us to condition the salmon just the right way. The result is a leaner, healthier salmon with supreme
texture and taste.

Established collaborations enables us to supply the market with fresh salmon unlike ever before. Since every step of further processing is within walking distance of our facility, we are able to carry out harvest, processing and shipping within 24 hours.





Danish Salmon is extremely cautious about the feed we use. We only source feed from the most respected producers, who are able to comply with our high demands and third party proven sustainable sourcing. Feed is sourced only through suppliers attending to the need of a low environmental footprint.


No GMOs, No mammal by-products - only the best for our salmon!




Danish Salmon is collaborating with one of Denmark's most renown suppliers of seafood. From knowledge-sharing to processing and sales-support collaborations, Danish Salmon is seeking to improve and maintain a consistent premium quality.

Collaborations with sales and processing enables us to maintain optimal product transparancy and traceability.



Nordic Seafood is a global supplier of fresh and frozen seafood. Nordic Seafood is increasing its focus on sustainable seafood, supporting Danish Salmon in reaching customers worldwide.


Want to get in touch with a supplier?  Feel free to contact our sales department and we will get back to you.






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HACCP Inspection report 


ASC Public Information

As required by the ASC Salmon Standard, the following information regarding the operation at Danish Salmon can be stated


- The number of unexplained mortality, calculated after the ASC Salmon Standard v1.3, has been 0.03% of total farmed fish and 1.86% of total mortality for the production cycle 2019

- There was no antibiotic treatment done during the last production cycle of 2019

- The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consists of several water filters down to 10 micrometer pore size which ensures that there was never any sea lice detected inside Danish Salmon facilities.

- There was no OIE-notifiable disease detected at Danish Salmon during 2019 production cycle